Sanford vs. Oviedo City-Wide Food Drive

So, I’m sure a lot of you have heard about our mayors being pitted against each other. Mayor Jeff Tripplet of Sanford has challenged Mayor Dominic Persampier of Oviedo for the title of “Most generous city.” Anyone who lives in this area knows these two have had a “healthy” back-and-forth for a few years. Not only are we gathering a lot of food to help our local food shelves but it’s also some good healthy competition. It’s also heartwarming to see people bring bags of food stuffed full to the drop-off points around the city. Just today there was a wonderful lady who came in with a huge reusable bag full, and I mean — you couldn’t put another thing in it or it would’ve burst from the sides– FULL, of baby food. It’s so nice to see so many generous people out there trying to help their local community.

Community is what we are all about at Palm Tree Computers. We’re involved in our local chambers. Very active members. We’re voted number one in central florida. And that doesn’t happen by just being good. You have to build a relationship with your customers. It’s one thing to make the customer happy. It’s another to make a customer your friend. That’s what we try to do. And being involved in the community like this is exactly how we do it. City-Wide food drives raise hope for those in need. That people actually care. I know it’s hard to think about all of the children in our local communities who go hungry because their family can’t even afford to feed them every day, but knowing that these communities are also here to help and raise support and gather food to give to people in need is such a nice blessing.

God has given us all so many blessings. From a roof over our head, to a reliable car. But what about all those people who don’t have what we do? God has a blessing for them too. You may see these stories on the news. The ones that make you sad, or angry with the way the world is. You may cry out to God saying, “Why don’t you do something?” Well He did. He made you.

He made us all. And our generous gifts and support can be that exact blessing to these people in need. So when you go home today, think about that. Think about a way you can help. And if you’re like a lot of us and have very little as it is, maybe you can just help by telling the next person. Your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and relatives. That weird guy on the street you see every day. Get the word out. Any amount will help.

Bring in any non-perishable food items to any one of dozens of locations in your area. You can find some places through our food drive facebook page. Or bring food to your local Palm Tree Computer Systems.

Oviedo vs Sanford City Wide Food Drive

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Thank you for your time, and God Bless!


The world is running out of plasma TVs

The last company to make plasma TV screens for U.S. consumers said this week that it would stop production of plasma sets in November. The widely expected announcement by LG has put the final nail in plasma TV’s coffin.

Samsung (SSNLF) said earlier this year that it too would stop making plasma screens by November. Panasonic, the only other manufacturer of plasma TVs for U.S. consumers, shut down its plasma screen production in 2013.

As the TV makers sell off their existing plasma TV inventory, tech consultancy IHS expects that plasma TVs will no longer be available in U.S. stores after the 2014 holiday shopping season.

There are still a few Chinese companies producing plasma TVs, but they don’t sell their televisions in the United States. They too will likely stop plasma production by 2016, IHS forecasts.

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TV buyers have opted for the less expensive, higher-resolution and lower-energy LCD TV technology over plasma TVs. Once a popular high-end option for HDTV sets, plasma technology has been outpaced by LCD, which includes the super-thin LED TVs.

Plasma TVs are composed of pixels filled with gas that light up in different colors when they’re hit with an electrical current. LCD televisions use screens made of liquid crystals that are lit up from behind to create images.

Plasma TVs offered what many considered to be the best picture quality on the market in the past few years, albeit at higher prices than LCDs. They gained favor thanks to their brighter images, warmer tones and wider viewing angles.



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