Non-Removable SSD in the new MacBook?

It seems to be a reoccurring theme within Apple. Creating devices that are generally meant to be replaced and not usually repaired. With the release of the new MacBook Pro, the most commonly replaced component, the SSD, is now being fixated into the computer.

The new MacBook Pros feature a new Touch Bar and with these new models the SSD is now putting in storage chips that are soldered and fastened onto the logic board of the computer. Basically what this means, is if you want to replace the storage of your MacBook Pro, you must replace the logic board in its entirety.

Also, if the logic board in your computer goes bad, then all the data that is stored on the chips…is lost. Data recovery is essentially going to be impossible. Although Apple has a seemingly reputable name behind its company, be mindful if you’re thinking about purchasing this new MacBook Pro.


Source: Humphries, Matthew. “15-inch MacBook Pro Uses Non-Removable SSD.” Web Blog Post. 16 November 2016. Web.

Already Time for Holiday Shopping?

With the famous Black Friday deals just on the horizon, it can be difficult to decide what deals and discounts to go after. If you or anybody on your Holiday gift list is interested in technology, then the online retailer, Newegg, may be the place for you.

Starting November 21, Newegg is offering amazing deals on TVs, phones, tablets, and much, much more. One of the most notable discounts is a brand new Acer Laptop that offers savings up to $320. Of course there is going to be lots of other deals on everything, but hey, we are technology company after all!


Source: Graziano, Dan. “Newegg’s Black Friday Deals Start November 21.” Web Blog Post. 11 November 2016. Web.

Tech Companies are Offering Election Help

With Election Day here, the world is on the edge of their seats waiting for the final word on who the new President of the United States is going to be. Thankfully, a few tech giants are here to help keep everyone up to date.

Google, Twitter and Facebook have all released services to help with the voting process as well information on voting results. The services include locations of where you can vote and some companies like Uber and Zipcar are offering free rides or rentals to go vote.

This has certainly been an interesting election filled with fierceness, strong opposition, and overwhelming tension between the two Presidential Candidates. These companies and leaders including President Obama are making an effort to get as many voters casting a ballot as possible.

So, if you’re looking for help or up-to-date results, check out Google, Twitter, or Facebook for all kinds of great information!


Source: Collins, Terry. “Tech giants offer up last-minute Election Day Help.” Web Blog Post. Cnet. 7 November 2016. Web.

Facebook May Be Building a Phone

Within Facebook there is a secret division called Division 8. Division 8 has recently been acquiring some heavy hitters within the technology world. These new Facebook hires are sparking some serious speculation of what this team could be working on. From one of the new employees, who is remaining under-the-radar, he has been indicating that it is mobile and possible modular.

Division 8 was originally thought to be a place were Facebook could prototype an array of new technologies. But, after looking at job postings and their mission statement, it seems that it is more about hardware. From the various postings, it seems that they are hiring heads of sectors within Division 8 that could potentially fall under the categories of industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, device software, applications and services, and more.

That being said, many of the major names that have been hired used to be apart of the team that was creating the modular phone that allowed the user to swap out parts of the phone whenever they pleased. Many believe that this notion could mean that Facebook is  kick-starting this idea once more and turning it into a reality.


Source: Hollister, Sean. “Is Facebook secretly building a phone?” Web Blog Post. Cnet,4 November 2016. Web.

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