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ONLY $25.00 per month (when paid annually)


All Palm Tree Prime (PTP) cards will be valid until December 31, 2020

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Our PTP Customers enjoy these benefits:

• PTP STOP You Save 10% on all Renewals, Licenses, Annual Updates and Cleanings A savings for a family of 3 of over $60.00 per year• PTP always Receive 10% off all Labor
• PTP Customers go to the front of the Queue, No waiting! Faster repairs for you! ( a savings of $65.00 per occurrence )
• PTP Customers Don’t pay a Diagnostic fee when turning in their devices for repair ( a Savings of up to $50.00 per occurrence )
• PTP FREE Verbal Tech Support per telephone or in our shop a savings of over $200 per year
• PTP Customers don’t pay trip fees for service calls (regular price $15.00 and up per Visit)
• PTP Customers enjoy before and after hours drop off and pick-ups by appointment ( Just call in and make arrangements, and one of us will meet you at the store!)
• PTP Customer Receive Half Price remote services.
• PTP Customers Receive Free Computer initial setup ( in our shop) and Data Transfers when purchasing a computer from Palm Tree Tech Center
• PTP Customers receive 0ne free one on one per year for up to 1 hour with our tech for training (available in our facility and with appointment) a ($80.00 Savings)
*PTP Customers Receive $100 off set up charge for a new alarm System or transfer of Alarm Monitoring with our Partner Company Security Networks
*PTP Customers receive 50 Percent off all add on Products to our STOP Program *per occurrence
*PTP Customers Belong to our Device Plus Program ( a $200.00 value per year) The best Cellphone and Tablet program on the Market!!