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  • ● Protect your computers from troublesome viruses with (STOP) Security Technology Online Protection. Save 10% on all licenses, renewals, cleanings, and annual updates. {https://palmtreetechcenter.com/services/viruses/}
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  • ● SAVE 50% off our standard fee when we log into your system remotely. (example:printer or pc issues)
  • ● FREE initial computer set-up and data transfer when you purchase a computer from us. We’ll get you off to a great start. (in-store service)
  • ● FREE tech training. You’ll get one-hour with our technician each year to answer all your questions. (in-store, by appointment)
  • ● BONUS – Device Plus, FREE labor when we repair your device after your first break. ($200 savings per year)
  • ● Early Bird Notices – as preferred customers you get a first look at our sales

Sign up in November for only $99.00 Save $ 81.00

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