Hard Drive Replacement

Replacing a hard drive in a computer is something that can be a one-step or multi-step process. The options for this sort of job are dependent upon what you, the customer, are looking for. Some things to think about when replacing your hard drive involve deciding on what size hard drive, whether you want a Hard Disk Drive or a Solid-State Drive, and, if you need any data to be moved from a previous drive.

Sometimes hard drives go bad and data is at risk, but here at Palm Tree, we always check the health of a hard drive as a part of our diagnostics to make sure your information isn’t in danger of being lost. Our expert technicians will give you the best course of action if your hard drive may need replacing.

For your convenience, we offer a one-year defect warranty on all our hard drives as we stand behind all our products. For any questions about pricing or for more details, give us a call at 407-796-5100!

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