The Awesome one of a kind Stop Program


What Is STOP?

Security Technology Online Protection (STOP) is a software program that protects the users’ (server or PC) from attacks by viruses, spyware, hackers and more. Previously available only to Government, Defense Contractors and large financial institutions.

Stop’s underlying program is based on PANDA. One of the world’s best endpoint security solutions that combines zero-update attack protection, data loss prevention, and both signature-based and non-signature based anti-virus protection in a single agent. That combined with the best Service and warranty provided by Palm Tree Tech Center provides you with the most economic, Highest quality and affordable protection for you and your family and business.

For the first time this technology can now be offered to the general public in the form of Palm Tree Computer’s Security Technology Online Protection (STOP) software. Now your computers can have this powerful form of protection for your (Network Servers and computers)

What is ZER0-DAY Update protection?

Unlike other more commonly known Virus protection programs STOP is able to block potentially dangerous attacks even before the are known to exist and published for downloading to your current virus protection software Some of the most popular and will know protection software such as Norton and McAfee must rely on the updates to be downloaded before they can protect you from that point on.

To date, STOP is the only program that has been 100% successful in stopping viruses from damaging your equipment or data, spyware from stealing your confidential information and hackers from breaking into your system. STOP works when all the other programs fail because it is written differently.

STOP is Not!

The STOP product, based on the Cisco Security Agent ® software platform produced by world leader Cisco Systems®. STOP is a proactive software product offering protection from the viruses and spyware prevalent on today’s’ internet.

Unlike other virus protection programs used after a virus is detected, STOP identifies viruses and spyware based on the programs characteristics. This empowers the user with the ability to allow the program to enter their personal computer, or allow an embedded program to access the internet or to block their access.

We Stand Behind it!

All Computers that have our Stop program get our $20.00 guarantee along with it! Yes that’s right no matter the circumstance, No questions asked! If you have the Stop program and the updates are paid to date, if you do get a virus or malware of any kind on your computer any Palm Tree Tech Center will clean it for $20.00! That is a savings of $145.00 to $200. That Pays for the Program!!


Who Needs STOP?

The person that accesses the internet, receives email or copies files to their PC and does not want the hassle or cost of repairing their PC equipment or losing their data. A person or a company that is governed by the FATA or HIPAA laws absolutely needs STOP to prove they were doing everything possible to prevent their data from being stolen. You can be infected through casual or intimate contact with others via a website, email, instant messaging or using floppy discs or CDs. So be smart, be protected. STOP infections now!

Who Can Use STOP?

Any person or business that uses PCs or servers can use STOP. This program can be used by an individual who has a standalone desktop or laptop, running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, NT or Linux. It can be used by a group of PCs networked together whether in a home or office. STOP can also be used on a server and the PCs connected to it. STOP covers both commercial and residential users. For Mac users Palm Tree Computers has a special program for you.

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