Types of Drones, Drone Service & Repair: Everything you need to know

Types of Drones, Drone Service & Repair: Everything you need to know

Consumer drones have come a long way since their inception and their popularity has also on been the rise for many years. Many enthusiasts prefer to have a drone to have the birds-eye view in their videos or just for fun. In this guide, we will tell you about different types of drones and how you can service & repair them. Let’s get started.

Types of Drones

When it comes to drones, there are tons of drones available in the market dedicated to different types of people. You can divide the drones into major types and these types are:

  • Mini Drones
  • Hobby Drones
  • Professional Drones
  • Selfie Drones
  • Racing Drones

Mini Drones

Mini Drones are basically the toy drones which are geared toward the kids or enthusiasts who just want to fly a drone. These drones are very affordable and you can get them for less than $70. The cameras in these types of drones are usually low resolution and you can capture the low-quality photos.

Mini Drones are great for flying indoor but they usually struggle outdoor due to their small size and low weight. These drones also come with propeller guards to protect the drone from damage during the learning process but once you are good, you can take them off.

Hobby Drones

Hobby Drones are geared toward the people who want a good drone. These drones are usually available in the price range of $100 to $500 and you can use these drones both indoor and outdoor. Hobby Drones comes with decent cameras which you can use for aerial photography but still, the quality of the photos will not be as good as photos from professional drones.

As the name suggests, Hobby Drones are for enthusiasts who just want to fly the drone and have fun. The new models of the hobby drones are also getting better and they come with features such as Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, One key takeoff and landing which make them easy to operate.

Professional Drones

Professional Drones are the drones used by the professionals. These types of drones come with the best cameras so that you can take good photos, long battery life, and more pro features. Professional drones also comes with advanced features such as obstacle avoidance which you won’t find in hobby or mini drones. The prices of professional drones start at $700 and can go into the thousands. Most of the professional drones are used in events, ceremonies, and matches.

Selfie Drones

Selfie Drones are small and compact and these are the high-end drones. The Selfie drones are the most popular drones as you can carry them around in your pocket and you can fly them both indoor and outdoor. These drones also come with great cameras and advanced features such as facial recognition and gesture controls.

Selfie Drones are very popular among professionals as well as drone enthusiasts. The company which dominates in these types of drones is the DJI and their selfie drones such as DJI Spark, DJI Mavic lineup and Mavic Pro are very popular.

Racing Drones

Last but not least, Racing Drones are also very popular. These types of drones are small, agile machines which fly swiftly in the air. Racing Drones are equally popular among the young and the old. Some companies make the racing drones such as Walkera F210 and Echine Wizard X220S but you can also make your own custom drone. If you are interested in a custom drone then keep reading because we will tell you where you can make one.

Drone Service & Repair

Drone Service & Repairing is very important for your drone if you own one. According to experts, a drone usually needs service after 20 flights or 10 hours of flight time. You can either get your drone to the official drone repair & service store which will charge you the hefty money and most of the stores take days or even weeks to service the drones. Alternatively, you can contact Palm Tree Tech Center which is a very popular drone service and repairing center which will service your drone as soon as possible.

Similarly, if you have broken your drone then you can also contact Palm Tree Tech Center and the experts can provide you a quote after carefully examining the drone. The company uses high-quality repair parts which will last for longer periods.

Custom Build Drones

Custom Build Drones are very popular these days as you can make your dream drone according to your requirements. For example, if you live in an area with the strong winds the normal drones will struggle there but you can custom build your drones which will be able to fly there. Similarly, you can add the additional cameras and other features to your drones. Palm Tree Tech Center offers the custom build drone service with experts that have years of experience in this field and can help you build your custom drone.

Bottom line

Drones are very popular these days and the reason behind their popularity is that they allow humans to virtually fly in the air with the birds and have the birds-eye view which is incredible. However, drones get crashed but don’t worry, you can contact Palm Tree Tech Center which will repair your drone or build the custom drone at very affordable price. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, visit our website for more useful guides.

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