System Reload

Nothing is perfect, and that includes the operating system on your computer. Corruption in an OS is not a very uncommon occurrence. Bad updates, faulty programs, or things of that nature can cause hiccups in an operating system.

Sometimes, the best way to fix these issues is to completely reload your system. What that entails is completely wiping your hard drive of the existing OS and reinstalling it fresh, with your activation key. There are two ways this repair can be done, one being a complete reinstall with zero data transfer, leaving your computer looking as if you just bought it brand new. The second way is doing the exact same thing except we will clone your data and move it back onto your new and improved operating system.

Our technicians are great with ensuring this route is only taken when it is necessary and take every step very seriously to guarantee you’ll be leaving happier than ever. For any questions on pricing or timelines, feel free to give us a call anytime at 407-796-5100!

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