HGST Displays Industry’s First 10 TB HDD and NVMe SN100 PCIe SSDs

HGST is displaying the world’s first enterprise-class 10 TB HDD and the NVMe SN100 Series PCIe SSDs at the 2015 OCP U.S. Summit. The OCP (Open Compute Project) strives to design the most efficient server, storage and datacenter hardware for scalable computing applications, and the 2015 U.S. Summit is March 10-11 in San Jose, CA. The two HGST products are polar opposites in terms of overall performance and use cases.

The 10 TB HDD utilizes SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) in tandem with HelioSeal technology to offer unprecedented density. SMR overlays the tracks on the surface of the platter, much like shingles on a roof, to deliver an incredible density boost. Hermetically sealing the HDD and filling it with helium reduces drag and head flutter, which allows more platters per drive. The host-managed SMR/helium tandem provides the lowest dollar per TB and Watts per TB in the industry. SMR can slow performance, particularly when writing to the drive, and it works best for cold-to-cold storage, active archive, cloud storage and internet media. SMR drives will also be a key component to HGST’s Active Archive Platform.


NVMe is a hot topic as flash continues its meteoric rise in the datacenter. NVMe is a refined PCIe interface specification designed for use with non-volatile memories, such as NAND or the forthcoming PCM and MRAM. Increased performance and lower overhead are the big attractions of NVMe, but industry-standard whitebox drivers and a standardized feature set are other attractive features.

HGST’s Ultrastar SN100 SSDs offer up to 3.2 TB of capacity in the HHHL (Half-Height Half-Length) add-in cards and 2.5″ drive form factors. The high-powered flash additives are geared for cloud, hyperscale and enterprise computing applications, including OLTP, OLAP, HFT and virtualization platforms.

Details are scant on the architecture of the new HGST speedsters, but we do know the SN150 HHHL card comes in 1,600 GB and 3,200 GB capacities, and the diminutive 2.5″ SN100 hotrods come in 800, 1,600 and 3,200 GB capacities. HGST has a broad and proven software portfolio that offers innovative HA clustering and caching features, much like those seen with FlashMAX PCIe SSDs and Virident software solutions. We expect many of those same features will work well with the new SN100 Series.




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