32 iOS 8 Tips Every Apple Fan Should Know

With the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the release of Apple’s new iOS 8, I’m sure people are enjoying all the new features and bells and whistles this update has provided.  Well, perhaps there are more things you’d like to learn about your new iOS 8.  In this article, PC Magazine’s, Eric Griffith goes in depth on 32 features and tips for the new iOS 8 (with pictures! I love pictures).



Apple iOS 8 has not been the smoothest of rollouts. Though it was on 46 percent of iOS devices within five days of its release, reports of slow Wi-Fi and battery drains soon cropped up. The iOS 8.0.1 update tried to fix some of those issues, but ended up borking cellular connections and Touch ID on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Oops. Here’s hoping the new 8.0.2 squashes all the bugs.

Once fixed, you’ll find that iOS 8 is pretty amazing. It has updates and fixes that make iPhones in particular about the best they can be. As PCMag’s 4.5 star Editors’ Choice reviewput it: “Apple’s latest update brings desirable functionality, improved navigation, and subtle design changes to an already solid mobile operating system.”

iOS has a ton of new features and tricks under the hood, things the average user may never notice or care about. But power users of the iPhone—those of us who exploit that pocket computer as a lifeline to the office and home—will benefit highly by mastering them. Apple opened up iOS more to the makers of wearables (via HealthKit) and even to third-party app makers who now have some unprecedented (for Apple) access to the hardware. It all adds up to the best iPhones yet.

Of course, iOS is not as customizable as Android. It probably never will be. That’s by design, as Apple is trying to make “the mobile operating systems for the masses,” as PCMag put it. Even Android’s customizability has a cost, in complexity and even stability. (Apple haters can chime in now with the 8.0.1 jokes.) But once Apple gets it right, which won’t take long, iOS 8 will be what those teeming masses want. When they do, they should consult these 32 tricks to master every new iOS 8 feature.

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