Mass Data Breaches are Common in Large Companies

Mass Data Breaches are Common in Large Companies

There is a statistic going around that states that 97% of large companies are victims of substantial data breaches. Although it is not uncommon for cyber criminals to go after individuals, a majority of the time they are after large corporations. The bigger the company and risk, the bigger the reward unfortunately.

A lot of companies also host their own business emails that employees use to sign in not only to the company email, but also for things like LinkedIn, which was breached just a few months ago. All these professionals also use the same password for various platforms that makes the situation worse and seemingly easier for criminals to get into.

It’s important when signing up for anything except a business email, to use a different email address and start putting together several different, unique, and even complex passwords to avoid the risk of a mass data breach within the workplace.


Source: Panda Security. “97% of Large Companies are Victims of Mass Data Breaches.” Panda Mediacenter. 2 November 2016. Web.

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